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Re: Ctrl-Z fails to suspend Windows programs

* Peter A. Castro (2004-06-17 22:13 +0100)
> On Tue, 15 Jun 2004, John Cooper wrote:
>>  > The point is that it's not about cygwin-vs-windoze apps.  It's about
>>  > apps-that-use-console-stdin-and-stdout vs. apps-that-display-a-gui; those
>>  > that show a gui could usefully be detached, but those that read their input
>>  > from stdin will break if the shell detaches them.
> Hi John,
>   I'm the maintainer for zsh on Cygwin.
>> Yes, you're right, the old "native" zsh option was specifically to do with GUI
>> apps rather than "Windows" apps per se - here's the doc to for enabling the
>> option (it was off by default):
>>   winntwaitforguiapps: When set, makes the shell wait for win32 GUI apps to
>>   terminate instead of spawning them asynchronously.
>>  > I don't think there's a reliable enough mechanism by which a shell could
>>  > detect one case from the other.
>> Below is the code it used to determine if a program is a GUI program or not. I
>> don't know how well it works under all conditions; however it did work fine for
>> me.
>> Even if not perfectly reliable, could something like this be added but disabled
>> by default?  I for one would find it useful.
> I guess I don't really have much of a problem with adding such a feature,
> provided it's something that many users really want.  I can see some
> merit to it, but is it really that much work to type '&' after the
> command to run it in the background?

Why should Cygwin zsh have such a feature and make a difference
between a GUI and a non GUI application? When you invoke a non GUI
application, you won't return to the prompt unless the application has
finished. Same with zsh under Linux. If you start a GUI without a "&"
you don't get a prompt.

And you still can [Ctrl]+[C] the GUI app which you couldn't when it
was run in the background.


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