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Carriage Returns

To whom it may concern:

I have a real problem with the way that cygwin/cygwin's version of perl 
handles carriage returns (\r).  I was working on a program in perl on 
cygwin which takes input from files.  I stripped newlines from the input, 
and then found that the strings that I stripped newlines from suddenly 
would print on top of other strings when I printed them.  Eventually I 
figured out that cygwin takes the carriage return *literally*.  It really 
goes back to the beginning of the same line if there is no newline.  Does 
that really make sense?  Shouldn't it just treat the carriage return as a 
newline?  I ran the same program with the (dos formatted) input files on a 
redhat linux machine.  The carriage returns are completely ignored (which 
would be reasonable behavior for cygwin, too).  If there are good reasons 
for the way cygwin handles carriage returns, let me know.  Else, I suggest 
that you change this behavior for the next release.


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