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Re: sending email from Cygwin

At 05:57 PM 7/15/2004 +1000, wrote:
>On 15 Jul, To: Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>>  : /home/luke ; mkgroup -l >> /etc/group 
>Incidentally, after doing that I see:
>: /home/luke ; exim -oi luke < /tmp/smff3624
>2004-07-15 17:56:06 Exim configuration file /etc/exim.conf has the wrong
owner, group, or mode
>: /home/luke ; ls -l /etc/exim.conf
>-rwx------+   1 luke     Domain U    22025 Aug 29  2002 /etc/exim.conf

That should have been set correctly by the postinstall script. The incomplete
/etc/group prevented success.
>But probably I'd need to run exim-config to have a serious chance of

It's only required if you operate a mail server, but in this case it will
set the permissions correctly.

The reason why you don't see the rights (previous e-mail in thread) is most
likely that you get them indirectly through membership in a group.
If you are curious about that, the User control panel is your best bet. 


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