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Re: maintaner of gcc

Robert wrote:

> Who's maintaining GCC for Cygwin?
> Ours is getting old. Gcc 3.4.1 came out a couple of weeks ago.

What is wrong with 3.3.x release series?  Are there any serious bugs?
Are there issues (for you)?  Why do you need 3.4.x?  Gfortran isn't
included, precompiled headers do not work on Windows/Cygwin, important
bugfixes are backported to 3.3.x.

> I could go ahead and compile it, but I don't know where the patches are to
> make it use -mno-cygwin.

All the stuff is in the CVS repository.  Check the sources (or the
patchfile included with the Cygwin release of GCC).

> Mingw is using Gcc 3.4.0 as a candidate. I seen our version of 3.4.0, as

In the 3.4.0  release there was a serious bug in C++ and some Java build
issues.  I have not tried to build 3.4.1 yet, sorry.

I have 3.3.3 / 3.3.4 ready for release, but there is some private
business on my plate and I'm currently short of spare time therefore.

I think I can finish the gcc-3.3.4 release this month.  Then I'll take a
look into building 3.4.x in August.


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