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Re: Fixing quoting in Outlook (Was RE: Request for a version/ revision/ release number for the whole cygwin release/ distribution)

On Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 12:09:24AM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, David Christensen wrote:
>> Thank you all for your comments.  I have tried to respond to each person
>> who replied, but may have omitted those where their topic is already
>> covered below.
>> [snip]
>> Dave Korn wrote:
>> >
>> Is there a way to do it on MS Outlook 2003 SP1, other than manually
>> deleting e-mail addresses?
>Searching the mailing list for the above acronym will bring up a bunch of
>threads with the discussion on how to do this in various mailers.  In
>particular, they will mention the QuoteFix plugin for MS Outlook.  A
>Google search for "Outlook 2003 QuoteFix" returns some pages that seem to
>indicate that QuoteFix is now compatible with Outlook 2003.  All of the
>above could have been done by anyone with the knowledge that this mailing
>list is archived.
>	Igor
>P.S. You're not doing anyone a favor by bunching up replies to various
>messages into one message -- for one, it breaks threading.  Please don't
>do that.

I had a long (and probably mean) response to this message that Igor
responded to but I think Igor's above advice illustrates the basic
problem here.

David, you expressed that you don't know anything about cygwin works,
how our current release process works, who runs the project, or how
maintainers do their job.  You seem to be under the impression that, for
example, the rsync maintainer spends a lot of time on rsync development.
You also didn't appear to know how to use setup.exe to downgrade your
rsync when you had a problem.

None of the above is a punishable offense but these facts do make it
hard to take your arguments seriously.

On top of that, your response contained cliches and generalities.  For
example, your answer to the question "How do you get people to
volunteer" was "You make them want to volunteer".  With answers like
that we'll be here a long time.

Most of us (all of us who are responsible for cygwin) are technical
here.  Technical people are more likely to be swayed by details than
rhetoric or homilies.

Remember, that the people "in charge" are already technical professionals
and most of us are quite familiar with what goes into making a stable
release.  If we weren't then it has been adequately explained by various
notables here.  What you need to provide now is a a rationale for how
you are going to pull people into the fold and an idea of how you are
proposing it will all work.

I think you need to do some research and present a formal plan.  And, in
your plan, please try to avoid cliches like "the customer is always
right".  There are no customers here (see the previously mentioned URL)
and, as cliches go, that one is so obviously false that it doesn't
really bear repeating.  If you think that there is a way to get people
to want to volunteer, then spell it out.

As I said (and as I said a year ago), I'm willing to provide resources
on the site that hosts but I'm not going to waste time
setting things up until it is obvious that there is something solid
behind this effort.  It sure doesn't look like there is anything
remotely solid now and given the email traffic so far, I can't even see
how you can get there from here.
Christopher Faylor			spammer? ->
Cygwin Co-Project Leader
TimeSys, Inc.

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