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Re: whole Cygwin release/ distribution issues

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
gcc-core > 3.3.3
  needs libtool-devel-1.5.10 (still in test) for
    libtoolized packages: .rdata bug

Not a bug, a feature?

?? same as the new libtool strictness which we don't quite like. (pass_all) old-style dlltool/dllwrap works just fine for me.

  pgperl fails


Probably just not enough shared memory for cygperl.dll.
Or if not, some missing deps which have to be dlpreloaded.
But I don't test 7.4.5 anymore, since I'll take over from jason 8.x and I do test it with the current 8.x cvs version, which is much better. I'll add pgperl upstream regression tests, so it will get caught then. They are just cleaning up the mess.

  some packages missing.

far away from stable...

good to know. timeframe?

* perl layout (better upgrade convenience)

will be changed in the next update, I promise;)

So we'll need another full recompile of all our extensions? :) No problem, if it stays then until perl6 or another xs API change, which will require rebuilds. -- Reini Urban

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