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Re: SSH + CVS But no login.

>Urgh!  SYSTEM is the account sshd is running under.  Don't remove that.

Various Guest/System accounts that weren't the SYSTEM account, I removed

>I'm wondering why you *first* removed entries from passwd and *then*
>asked if that's right instead of vice versa (which would be the natural
>order if one don't know, wouldn't it?)

I have a vague memory of having done this previously in an older cygwin
instance on another box. I did of course back up my passwd file first, as
always, and have managed to log into the box fine as myself. But also:

>> Ah, yeah. Um. I have a nasty head cold and was in a rush.

I don't feel too bright at the moment.

Under cygwin, I understood that the passwd file essentialy maps windows
users to cygwin settings.
username:unused:uid:grpid:windows account:home:shell

Without an entry in the cygwin passwd file a user with a valid windows
login can not authenticate into cygwin.

Was this wrong?


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