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Re: [PATCH] cygrunsrv --recovery <action>

On Wed, 06 Oct 2004 12:17:49 +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Oct  6 11:57, Rainer Hochreiter wrote:
>> well, are there any guidelines how to submit patches and describing
>> ChangeLog syntax available?
>, section "When you have finalized your changes"

thanks for the link - i'll have a look at it!

> Just ignore the hint to send patches to the cygwin-patches list.
>> right! but if using ChangeServiceConfig2() is prohibited, why not writing 
>> also directly to registry?
> Erm?!?  Of course you should write directly to the registry.  That's how
> writing the description field is implemented to stay NT4 compatible.  So
> just copy the behaviour for writing the actions parameter.

but who guarantees that writing directly to the registry will be 
compliant to upcoming windows version? this will also be a problem
for all the other config parameters written by cygrunsrv!

>> ok, maybe there is no public documentation
>> available for that. what i found out is, that SCM writes into a key named
>> 'FailureActions' of type REG_BINARY. anyone out here, who knows what to write
>> there? best would be the source of the sc.exe command ;-)
> I guess the easy way is to use ChangeServiceConfig2 with different
> arguments and look what it creates as result.

hm, reverse-engineering? sounds great ;-)


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