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Re: [LeapList]copy/paste and ssh


I have used Wordpad and save as text and copied it directly to the Linux box. I have done this with my fstab file, hosts file, and others and it comes over without requiring edit on the Linux box. I have tried the same on Notepad with not such consistent results.

A more direct answer to your question would be to change how you connect. Rather than using Putty for a terminal session, try using Cygwin. Putty can only copy "from" the Linux terminal window, while Cygwin allows for bi-directional cut and paste using the clipboards from each OS. It's not GUI centric, so setting up SSH port forwarding on Cygwin must be done at the command line, but there is plenty of howto's out there on how to do that and it works well.

Cygwin rocks, I use it to X into my Linux Terminal Server for a full Linux desktop on my Windows machine, and can also run in multiwindow mode to run individual graphical applications like gkrellm for monitoring the health of my system when I use "startx", then "ssh -X <my_linux_box>", then just type "gkrellm" at the xterm command prompt. Gkrellm comes up on my windows box as another "windoze" window alongside Word or Excel. I also use it to do automated backups using rsync.

I will not use a windoze box that doesn't have Cygwin loaded on it, unless of course you pay me copious compensation to tolerate an anal policy by a well-funded, but not so well informed employer.

Have fun....


Ray B wrote:

with all the configuration i have been trying to do
with my debian box to get it up and runningi have
noticed just how horrid my typing can be when i really
dont know what im doing.

i know how to copy out of my ssh seassion into
windows, but how can i copy from windows into the ssh

i am using putty and a VPN to connect to my linux box
from my winXP workstation at my school.  i really dont
want to try and build the file on the windows box as a
.txt file and move it to the linux box as ill spend
more time cleaning up the extra characters the notepad
will put in then i would just typing the file 1 time
and then getting lucky to find my typos.

A. is this possible.

B. if so, how?

the editor i use is VIM in all of my linux boxes. well i only have 3 that i use now and the debian will
make the 4th if i can get it working. i really hope i

things i have tried.  are the keyboard shortcuts for
windows Ctrl+c for copy and Ctrl+v for paste.  i can
use the Ctrl+c to copy out of ssh and then paste it
into windows, but i have not been successful the other
way around with the Ctrl+v into the ssh.

i hope that is clear what i am trying to do.

Raymond L. Brunkow
Chief Instructor / Owner
Sun State Martial Arts
4th Degree Black Belt
MCP windows 2000

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