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Re: PostInstallLast addons?

On Sat, Oct 09, 2004 at 07:28:14PM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
>Robert R Schneck schrieb:
>>lex ein wrote:
>>>6. If a user has by some miracle heard of 'locate', a search using 
>>>'locate  openssh' produces no results unless the user first runs 
>>Would it be appropriate for the PostInstallLast part of setup which 
>>"updates info dir" to also run makewhatis?  And perhaps even updatedb?
>Very unlikely.
>These are quite massive processes in contrary to _update-info-dir
>Maybe detached in the background.  Or if someone writes an updatewhatis
>which gets the filelist of the new man files.  Same for updatedb which
>should accept a new argument for the package MANIFEST to be merged
>How about other distros?

Other distros must do this somehow.  It can't just be done as a result
of installing a man-pages package or something.

I guess, if we were really clever, we could update the apropos
"database" as we are installing man pages.  That would probably require
some not-inconsiderable setup.exe effort, though.

Boy, I started a makewhatis at the start of this message.  It's been
a few minutes, and it's still going.


It took *seven* minutes to complete (cygwin sucks.  why is it so slow?
discuss amongst yourselves) I guess we really can't add this to the
setup process.


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