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Re: inetd is unable to accept incoming connections when started as service on WinXP SP1

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, mliberi wrote:

> I downloaded on October, 7 a fresh cygwin package set, then I installed
> it on an XP SP1 box.
> After reading inetutils*.README, I tried to setup inetd as a service,
> with the following steps:
> 1. added CYGWIN='binmode tty ntsec' to environment variables set
> 2.added c:\cygwin\bin to PATH environment variable
> 'mount' to ensure that /usr/bin, /usr/lib and / mountpoints have 'system' attribute set.
> 4.rebooted the box
> 5.installed inetd as service, /usr/sbin/inetd --install-as-service
> 6.manually started service using windows GUI
> All seems ok, ps -ef reports two instances of running inetd , as
> expected.
> But when I try a connection to any server present in /etc/inetd.conf, I
> always obtain a 'can't connect' error message.
> Example:
> ftp localhost
> ...... connection refused
> ftp>
> It seems that inetd can't 'accept' the incoming connection.
> If I start inetd from command line (not as a service), all works fine.
> Does anybody know how to get it working as a service?

It's hard to guess given the amount of information you provided, but it's
possible that <> could be
useful for you as well.
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