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Can't create Bash here document.


I've installed Bash on several Win2k workstations. Most are
working fine, but one particular machine is giving trouble. 
I am attempting to install only the base package - no compilers,
editors, X11 or anything else. The setup program appears to run 
correctly. After the installation 'cygcheck -c' shows all OK.
However, if I try to use a command that uses the here document,
I see the following error:

$ cat <<fred
> 1
> 2
> 3
> fred
bash: cannot create temp file for here document: No such file or directory

I can confirm that the variables TEMP and TMP (and TEMPDIR) are
defined. All point to a valid subdirectory that has write permission. I can for instance 'touch $TEMP/fred' without difficulty.

I found one similar mailing about this in the archive - the
respondant said this has come up before, but I cannot find the original mailing in the archive (or on the web). Please can someone point me in the right direction.



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