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Pinhas Krengel wrote:

GHDL is a VHDL simulator, using the GCC technology (

Did somebody tried to build it on cygwin. I had a lot of problems.

Yes, and yes, me too. I also reported to the maintainer that it is not possible to bootstrap GHDL and Ada at the same time, it seems not to be changed, maybe the package needs a new maintainer?

From a technical point of view, GHDL is a GCC front-end: it compiles VHDL files into objects files, like GCC does for C, C++, Fortran or Ada95 files. GHDL does not generate intermediate C files.

GHDL is written in Ada95. I use the GNAT compiler (the GCC Ada compiler) to create the binary image. The GHDL source includes AGCC, an Ada binding for interfacing with GCC.

The GHDL run-time library is written in Ada95 too. It uses some of the Ada95 and GNAT packages.

Where can I get the right GNAT and GCC for cygwin.

The GCC is complete since version 3.3.1 was released for Cygwin, just install the package gcc-ada with setup.exe.

Please keep me posted, Gerrit -- =^..^=

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