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Re: pax available?

Chuck schrieb:
I'm actually referring to pax format archives (ustar).

I want to be able to unarchive files - many files - but changing one string
in the name to another. I typically use it to clone databases on Solaris. I
may have 15 mount points all with a subdirectory named DB1. When I extract
the files, I don't want to put them into the DB1 subdirectories. I want to
put them into subdirectories named DB2. Or maybe I want to restore them to
different mount points. Whatever. Unless I'm misunderstanding you I'd have
to do each one separately with unzip. There could be hundreds within one
archive. With pax I can have the utility rename them all automatically as it
extracts them with a simple command like...

pax -r -s/DB1/DB2/p < filename.pax

pax is in the package paxutils, which is not yet in cygwin.

Mark H. Colburn <> created another `pax' program in 1989. The 1.1 version was published in comp.sources.unix, volume 17. From a 2.0 OS/2 port, Ian Stewartson made 2.1 and is working on version 2.2.

However it's straightforward to build paxutils. (into /usr/local)

cd /usr/src
tar xfz paxutils-2.4h.tar.gz
cd paxutils-2.4h
make && make check
make install DESTDIR=/usr/src/paxutils-2.4h/.inst

several tar tests will fail:
44. ./t-create.m4:3     ok
45. ./t-create.m4:14    ignored near `t-create.m4:14'
46. ./t-create.m4:40    ok
47. ./t-create.m4:56    ok
48. ./t-create.m4:76    FAILED near `t-create.m4:120'
49. ./t-extract.m4:3    ok
50. ./t-extract.m4:17   ignored near `t-extract.m4:17'
51. ./t-extract.m4:37   ok
52. ./t-extract.m4:53   ok
53. ./t-extract.m4:68   ok
54. ./t-exclude.m4:3    ok
55. ./t-append.m4:3     ok
56. ./t-delete.m4:3     FAILED near `t-delete.m4:16'
57. ./t-delete.m4:20    ok
58. ./t-incremen.m4:3   FAILED near `t-incremen.m4:23'
59. ./t-incremen.m4:27  ok
60. ./t-gzip.m4:3       ok
61. ./t-volume.m4:3     ok
mv: cannot move `stderr2' to `stderr': Permission denied

Note that paxutils includes unstable versions of tar and cpio. That might be the explanation why.

I have another version from the MS resource kit:
$ pax --help
c:\WINNT\system32\pax.exe: illegal option---
Usage: c:\WINNT\system32\pax.exe -[cimopuvy] [-f archive] [-s replstr] [-t device] [pattern...]
c:\WINNT\system32\pax.exe -r [-cimopuvy] [-f archive] [-s replstr] [-t device] [pattern...]
c:\WINNT\system32\pax.exe -w [-adimuvy] [-b blocking] [-f archive] [-s replstr] [-t device] [-x format] [pathname...]
c:\WINNT\system32\pax.exe -r -w [-ilmopuvy] [-s replstr] [pathname...] directory

For more information on c:\WINNT\system32\pax.exe syntax, see Command Reference Help in the Windows Help file.
Reini Urban

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