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Re: Clapack on Cygwin revisited


Thanks a lot for your reply!

Quoting Mark Paulus <>:

> Sounds like you might need a -L option
> gcc -o testclapack testclapack.c -L<dir to library> lapack.a -cblaswr
> -lblas.a tmglib.a -latlas -lg2c
If I understand well, this tells gcc to access a certain directory (with the -L
command) where all the .a or .so's lib files can be found and then take under
consideration only a certain amount of the files found in there by invoking the
-l command. The command I tried was:

gcc testclapack.c -L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/lib/lapack_CYGWIN.a -lcblaswr
-lcblas -L/usr/local/lib/tmglib_CYGWIN.a -latlas -lg2c

the /usr/local/lib is the directory with all the *.a files I could find (some, I
put in there manually). I used the -L/usr/local/lib/lapack_CYGWIN.a instead
of the -l/usr/local/lib/lapack_CYGWIN.a because the lapack_CYGWIN lib is not
called liblapack_CYGWIN.a. Actually, I tried with the small l instead of the
capital L but I was getting a message saying gcc cannot find

Then I put -l's to whatever files were called lib*.a. Hence, I have in
and the tmglib_CYGWIN.a file which I had to put in the same way as the
lapack_CYGWIN.a (also in /usr/local/lib).

The -lg2c I don't really understand but it seems that gcc does not complain
about it and I leave it...

The result of that command was also an undefined reference to _dgesvd_ (the
function in testclapack.c).

I also tried to ask gcc to look at all the remaining lib*.a files in
/usr/local/lib by adding (after the -lg2c) the: -lI77, -lf77blas options. Again
the same error about the undefined reference.

It seems to me  that there is something quite wrong here unfortunately...

If only I won't have to go through the same installation procedure again...:p

If however that seems the best (or, even worse, the only) way forward could you
perhaps let me know which instructions to follow?

Thanks ever so much.



> You can stack multiple -L options, one per directory (no space after the -L),
> the same as the -I options.
> also,
> the -l<libname> is a special convention that ONLY works when the libraries
> have a physical name of lib<libname>.<a|so>.  For instance
> -lmath means that somewhere in a known location there is a file called
> libmath.a or  So, since the clapack libraries don't follow that
> convention, you can't use the -l shortcut.  You have to give it the full
> name.
> On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 23:29:46 +0200, wrote:
> >Hi everyone.
> >My troubles with getting clapack to work on cygwin continue unfortunately.
> In
> >particular, I completed a first run of all the suggested actions in the
> >readme.install file (found on the clapack website) with some error 139's
> during
> >that rather painful 16hour! long process.
> >I downloaded a test programme from the clapack website (if it could be
> helpful I
> >can attach it next time), saved it under the name of testclapack.c and tried
> to
> >compile it. It seemed as if finding out how to compile a programme using
> >clapack was really tough.
> >Nonetheless, after several attepts I tried a couple
> >of compilation commands with the likes of: gcc testclapack.c -llapack,
> >gcc testclapack.c -llapack -lcblaswr -lcblas -latlas -lg2c (and any
> permutation
> >of the options (=5! I guess..:p)) and always I was getting a:
> >undefined reference to '_dgesvd_' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status.
> >The dgesvd_ is a function (the only clapack function) in the testclapack.c
> >programme.
> >I have installed atlas (actually I did that before installing clapack) and
> have
> >put in the test programme the appropriate #include's (actually I #included
> all
> >the *.h files I could find on /clapack...)
> >Are there any ideas as to how I can compile a programme linking to a clapack
> >routine?
> >I would be grateful of your help.
> >thanks,
> >kele
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