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Re: slightly different cygwin installation problem

Daniel Newhouse wrote:

--- "Gerrit P. Haase" <> wrote:

You can easy check this, run the postinstall script
again from the
command line before installing X11:
$ sh /etc/postinstall/

This command did not work and this file is nowhere on
my computer.

It was quoted from your text, actually I see only /etc/postinstall/ here too, maybe you meant this?

Should make no difference, yes.
I wasn't asking a question, I was stating that I tried
downloading the packages and then running the
installation from a local directory and it did not
work. I also stated that someone else stated the same
thing on either this ML or the cywin-X ML. I don't recall the error message but I remember that
it was an error message generated by the cywin install
program and not by Windows.

I just said that it should be no difference at all whether you run 'Install from Internet' or 'Download' & 'Install from Local'.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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