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Re: g++ 3.4.1

Reini Urban wrote:

Gerrit P. Haase schrieb:
I'm currently preparing an gcc update to gcc-3.4.2, if this is
usable I will make this the default.  So you may expect it to be
released before Christmas 2004.
with dwarf2?
I don't know yet.  Probably many packages need to be rebuild with this
change?  At least all sjlj enabled C++ libraries will be not binary
compatible and not usable with a compiler without sjlj.
I believe danny or someone else was testing current dwarf-2, for some time. What's his opinion?

AFAIKS there were no bad news regarding dwarf2 since Brian checked in the changes in April. IIRC binutils is dwarf2 enabled too so it should work ootb, however it needs testing.

Dividing it into sjlj libs for w32 callbacks and faster dwarf-2 libs without w32 callbacks would be an option, but looks like overkill.

No way. I cannot support two versions in parrallel.

Add something like a d2 suffix to those libs and add it to the specs when dwarf-2 exceptions are requested? Phew.

No, it will be enabled, or better sjlj will not be enabled and the build defaults to dwarf2.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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