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Re: Clapack on Cygwin revisited


Just a brief (happy :) note to say that I managed to compile the test programme
at last! :)) The full compilation command I used is the following:

gcc -mno-cygwin -I/usr/local/lib/ -I/usr/local/include -O3 testclapack.c
-L/usr/local/lib lapack_CYGWIN.a -llapack -lcblaswr -lcblas tmglib_CYGWIN.a
-ltstatlas -latlas -lg2c -lI77 -lf77blas -lm

quite a long one, or? :) worked for is important to say that the files:
lapack_CYGWIN.a and tmglib_CYGWIN.a I had to copy from /usr/local/lib to my
home directory before compiling the programme. I suspect that I will have to
have those two library files in the same directory as the c-programme I will be
compiling every time...that's ok...

The include files in the testclapack.c are the:

stdio.h, f2c.h, clapack.h, blaswrap.h, cblas.h, fblaswr.h, fmt.h

I am not very sure which of all these "#include"s and compilation options are
redundant and I will try reducing the compilation command (along with the
number of included files in testclapack.c) and I could post the outcome. In the
mean time, this is the command that works.

Thank you everyone for your help!



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