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Re: flex and dos source files. How is flex built for cygwin

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Peter Rehley wrote:

> On Nov 20, 2004, at 10:19 AM, Reini Urban wrote:
> [snip]
> > ok thanks, for confirmation.
> > so cgf should repackage it. it's obviously a bug.
> I think so also because this isn't the behavior that occurs on linux or BSD.

Umm, which behavior are you talking about?  The automatic conversion of CRLF
line endings to LF?  This is Cygwin-specific behavior, and has nothing to do
with Linux or BSD.  It's there to avoid complaints from people who use, say,
notepad on binary mounts to edit their .flex files.

> > And please add a hint how to reproduce from source, so we don't have to
> > guess. Christofer claims that he didn't link against textmode.a, but it
> > looks like so, or there was some deeper magic behind, which went away
> > suddenly.
> He is using automode.o, he said in one of the followups to this thread.

...and that should have ended it.  I don't know why a simple question of
"how exactly was the distributed flex binary built?" raised so many
off-topic responses.

> Hint should be included in original posting.  It has original make commands
> that I used plus a simple example for testing.  It also has instructions on
> how to build and run the simple sample
> Modified build commands would be
> ./configure; make LDFLAGS="/usr/lib/automode.o"

The above should really be
	./configure; make LDLIBS="/usr/lib/automode.o"
It may not matter for linking in a .o file, but it certainly will matter if
a -l form is used (as you tried earlier).

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