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RE: Patch to /etc/profile to deal with $HOME with a space

> Hi John,
> John Morrison wrote on Wednesday, December 01, 2004 12:32 PM:
>>> mkpasswd.exe -l -c | sed 's/cygdrive\/.*Documents and Settings/home/'
>>> > /etc/passwd
>>> This is nonsense. "Documents and Settings" is localized.
>> Humm, not nonsense (it works for English), maybe not
>> correct... (is this retrievable for replacement?)
> May also not work for English, "cygdrive" is just a default value and is
> settable. In case of my system:
>  $ mount -p
>  Prefix              Type         Flags
>  /mnt                system       binmode
> You may *assume* it is called "cygdrive" for a new installation, but if
> there are registry entries left from an old one ...
>> Anyway, the idea (if not the impl) stands, when a network
>> user installs cygwin HOME is set to doc & settings.  When a
>> local user installs HOME is set to /home/user.  So, should
>> network user functionality be changed? (assuming it's
>> possible to get the localisation)
>  $ cygpath -H
> Personally I use a mount for home:
>  $ mount
>  ...
>  C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen on /home type system (binmode)
>  ...
> But this is *my* preference only (and applies not for Win95, Win 98, Win
> NT etc. anyway). Additionally in the pattern /home/user may not apply for
> newer Win OSses also, since the user's profile directory may not have the
> name of the user and unfortunately this information cannot be retrieved
> from cygpath, you may read directly from the registry.

Humm, OK - scratch that idea :)


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