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Re: strange problems with cvs

Nuno Lopes kirjoitti:

I use CVS with cygwin a long time ago, but after a recent updte it stoped
working. I'm using pserver auth and the cygwin is installed with *DOS*

When I try to do something with cvs -1.11.17- (cvs up, cvs diff, etc..) it
simply returns:
": no such repository"

Normally if I close cygwin, run the setup again (without installing
anything) and opening cygwin again fixes the problem.

If I do a fresh checkout, it will checkout the files with *unix* file-endings, which isn't what I asked for..

Does anyone knows whats the problem here? I think it might be cause of the
release of the lastest dll version. (I update cygwin often..)

Seems like you have encountered fancy EOL problem. To be safe use unix line-endings since CVS is pretty picky about those.

And of course if you want to use DOS type line endings, use real win32 version of CVS.

I've encountered numerous problems with CVS due the line-endings... Any decent text editor should be handle both CR+LF or LF/CR only line-endings and preserving existing ones... If yours doesn't it's time to upgrade...

(Of course there might be problem in bin/textmode mounts) cygcheck output would do good here...


Jani Tiainen

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