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Re: gcc-g77 4.4.1-1 stack memory error

Ata Bilgili wrote:


I have a Fortran 77 code involving the finite element
solution of rather large matrices using a conjugate gradient
method. The code trustfully runs with g77 on Linux and Unix
with no problems.

When I tried running it this morning using the Cygwin
gcc-g77 3.3.3-3, it complied nicely but I got a runtime
error of "MapViewOfFileEx failed, Win32". I then installed
gcc-g77 3.4.1-1 and the same thing happened but with rather
different error messages: First I got a *.exe.stackdump file
(attached) and then received a Segmentation Error.

An internet search yields -Wl --stack=XXXX options for gcc.
Is there any workaround for g77? This is rather frustrating,
knowing that I have to find a way to get this to work under
Cygwin. I believe this is a Windows problem rather than
Cygwin but!!! Cygcheck output is also attached.


This is needed on Cygwin if your stack will grow beyond 2MB because the stack size cannot be modified dynamically.



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