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Re: Cygwin and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dave Korn wrote:

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From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of David Rudolph
Sent: 01 December 2004 19:52

I have been using Cygwin and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 (independantly, but on the same system) for a long time. I recently upgraded Dragon to version 8, and now

  Is dragon a cygwin-based application that bundles its own version of the
dll, perhaps?  (

No, it's a commercial Windows app.

any Cygwin app (or maybe it's any app that uses the cygwin DLL)

Those two are exactly one and the same thing!

that hangs around for a while (such as the X server or ssh) uses 30-40% of the CPU when it appears to be idle. This only happens after Dragon has been started. I have updated Cygwin as of 11/30. Anyone have any idea what could be going on?

  Seems like Dragon is b0rking cygwin.  It must be faulty.  You should raise
a support issue with Dragon.

Of course I did, and of course they said it must be Cygwin's fault, if it's taking up the CPU time. Just thought I'd check whether anyone else has seen this.



David Rudolph

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