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Re: perl 5.8.6

Reini Urban wrote:

No need to hurry, Gerrit :)
  This arrived yesterday.

Just wanted to know a rough timeframe and what you plan to do with the DLL name, so that I can coordinate libwin32 and the Win32::GUI upgrades.
I want to seperate Win32::GUI from libwin32, and I want to contact Rafael.

I want to change the name to cygperl_5_8.dll. Timeframe: depends on the results of the testsuite, if all or most tests are passnig then I think it can be uploaded the next days.

We have to bite the bullet with the 5.8.5 dll dependency once.
Maybe I'll come up up a simplier upgrade solution, changing the dll's binmode: s/cygperl5_8_2.dll/cygperl5_8.dll/g and moving it over.
Put this into the postinstall script to move all old CPAN libs to the new site_perl?

No, I think it is better to recompile old modules.

Maybe I'll come to the pending Win32::API problem with the callbacks on gcc also. A simple hack30-like solution should always be possible. Or a fallback to C::Dynalib.
Win32::OLE didn't compile OOTB, but this is easy. Just forgot where I put the patch.
And your /usr/include/iodbcunix.h was wrong. Had to patch it to compile Win32::ODBC. Will send it later.

I didn't wrote it;) Please post also upstream if there are changes needed.


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