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Re: MSVC-dll under cygwin

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 04:30:56PM +0100, Mikael ?sberg wrote:
Hello, I was under the impression that using a Cygwin-compiled DLL
under MSVC was extremely difficult, if not impossible, but using a
MSVC-compiled DLL with programs compiled under Cygwin is possible?  I
have test program that first calls LoadLibrary() and then for each
function in the DLL it wants to call I call GetProcAddress().  However,
when I try to call any function the program segfaults (the function
pointers are not NULL).  The same test program works if compiled using
MSVC.  Am I mistaken that this should work or is there an error

Since cygwin itself uses all sorts of non-cygwin dlls, it is a safe assumption that it must be able to use non-cygwin dlls.

However, if you are using stdio from msvcrt, you may run into problems.


Thanks for the quick reply. I may have found the problem (will test later). In one of the functions, a parameter was declared to be const but it was declared as non-const in the definition. Seems like a mistake that can cause all sorts of weird problems.

/ Mikael

Okay, now I have tested the code and something is still not right. The DLL
contains functions for working with the Windows registry and my problem
is that if I call, for example, the function create_registry_key(), the string
parameter denoting the name of the key is garbled if called from a program
compiled under Cygwin.
The exact signature of that DLL-function is:
HKEY create_registry_key(const HKEY parent_key, const std::string& name);

This doesn't happen if I test the DLL with a

program compiled under MSVC. Any idea what might be wrong?

/ Mikael

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