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RE: MSVC-dll under cygwin

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Mikael Åsberg
> Sent: 02 December 2004 16:52

> Okay, now I have tested the code and something is still not 
> right. The DLL
> contains functions for working with the Windows registry and 
> my problem
> is that if I call, for example, the function 
> create_registry_key(), the 
> string
> parameter denoting the name of the key is garbled if called 
> from a program
> compiled under Cygwin.
> The exact signature of that DLL-function is:
> HKEY create_registry_key(const HKEY parent_key, const 
> std::string& name);
> This doesn't happen if I test the DLL with a
> program compiled under MSVC. Any idea what might be wrong?

  Well, the odds are that MSVC's C++ STL and Gcc's C++ STL use different
structures to represent a string.  Unless you've gone through the headers
and verified that the two structures are exactly alike, and also that the
vtbls and all the supporting machinery are exactly alike, you can't expect
it to work.

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