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Other format: [Raw text] version 1.8

Attached below is version 1.8 of this diagnostic script.

Thanks to Pierre A. Humblet for additional tests that
check to see that the /etc/group and /etc/passwd files
have valid entries for 'SYSTEM' and 'Administrators.'

(Please send any replies to the mailing list, and
NOT to me.  Please do NOT include my email address
in any replies sent to the mailing list.)

------------------------------------------- will attempt to diagnose 
problems with cron.

It will not modify any files on your computer.

You might need to run the script several times.

Each time that it finds a problem, it stops and
displays a descriptive message.

Please read the messages that the script
generates, especially if it reports no errors,
but you still cannot get cron to work for you.

These messages should help you to report
problems that occur in setting up cron, and
possibly reduce the number of messages about
cron that need to be sent to the mailing list.

Please report the version number that this
script reports so that improvements can be
made to it.



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