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Re: User name with spaces and Cygwin web site suggestion

At 10:17 PM 12/4/2004, you wrote:
>I had a Windows XP user account whose name had spaces. The Cygwin web site
>says that you should change your account's user name to something without
>spaces and, if Cygwin is already installed, re-run mkpasswd. Even before I
>installed Cygwin, I changed my user name, but this did not solve the
>problem because the command id -un used in /etc/profile to determine the
>user continues returning the previous spaced user name. So I manually set
>HOME and USER to the right thing in /etc/profile and at least I got the
>home directory right and so on. But apparently some programs may still use
>id -un, as it is the case with ssh. Did I miss something or renaming the
>account really doesn't do anything to solve the problem?

Just change your user name in the first field of /etc/passwd.  That will
take care of it.

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