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Re: commands not found

At 10:56 PM 12/5/2004, you wrote:
>Thanks, but like I said I've been there.  I've been everywhere and read it all
>for hours before I posted this.  Frustration.


>> Start here:
>> >Problem reports:

Then you missed a very important point.  I can think of several reasons
or things to check and try but there's no sense in having me or somebody 
else on this list take wild shots in the dark when a little specific 
information from you would narrow the field considerably.  You need to 
reread carefully what's on this page, particularly the parts that recommend 
providing specific information that demonstrates your problems and to also 
provide basic configuration information (cygcheck output).  Please reread 
the page again with an eye toward these areas and post the requested 
information.  Then someone might have a very good suggestion for you.  I'm 
certain you've spent a good amount of time trying to track this down 
yourself, using the available resources.  It's appreciated.  We just need 
you to take some time to let the frustration of your previous attempt(s) 
subside some and come back to the problem with a fresh start. :-)

Also, please don't quote headers and such in your responses.  We highly
discourage those actions since they only feed the spammers.  They're
fat enough already.

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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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