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Re: Environment variables & system privilages

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Jason Pearce wrote:
> > Thanks. This works well enough. But I take it there is no universal
> > command to check for system permissions.
> > The procedure is just try a command that needs system privilages and
> > watch the exit status.
> Well, if you really want to check for this you could try comparing the
> output of "id -u" to 18, the UID of the SYSTEM account.  I don't know if
> the system account's id varies across different versions (eg 98 vs.
> 2k3), though.
> Brian

AFAIU, those aren't the "system privileges" that Jason meant -- I think he
just wanted to test whether his user has permission to write to the HKLM
registry tree.  The best way to test that is to try actually writing
something (which is exactly what "mount" does).

Also, there is no SYSTEM account on 9x.
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