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Re: upset script no longer available in cvs

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 06:37:52PM +0100, Erik Wallin wrote:
>I already have a version of it from earlier this year, but I thought it 
>would be a good idea to keep up to date with the current one. I've set 
>up a local distribution server here to be able to do installations 
>without having to select packages every time I install it.

upset was developed to maintain the standard cygwin release.  It was
never released as a general purpose tool for others to use.

>>Perhaps Reini wants to provide his version for public use.
>I wasn't aware that there is more than one version. I'm simply trying to 
>follow the instructions on the website.

I changed the web page shortly after you tried to send email about this
subject to cygwin-announce.

>>I am not interested in providing this service.
>I'm not sure I understand this.  I thought cygwin was GPL, but of
>course now that I look at the upset script, there's no copyright
>statment at all.

*cygwin* is GPLed.  upset is not cygwin.  upset was never intended for
release. It sort of snuck out and was eventually advertised, against
my better judgement, on the web page which you found.

Regardless, GPL doesn't mean "I will continue to provide you with the
sources via CVS until the end of time."

Since GPL'ing perl scripts doesn't make a lot of sense to me you can
consider the sources to be in the public domain now that the cows have
left the barn.

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