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RE: 1.5.12: problems without registry keys

> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Andrew Que
> Sent: 07 December 2004 17:13

>    I have a custom app. (linux or windows) I've been
> compiling with cygwin for about 6 months.  It use to
> run fine on any computer as long as there was a copy
> of "cygwin1.dll" along with the exe.
>    Now (ver 1.5.12) the app just hangs on any computer
> that doesn't have cygwin installed.  

  You aren't telling us the whole truth.  There's no way on earth it should even
load, let alone crash: you should get a requester saying "Could not find missing
dll in path...".

>    My application is a bit complicated to explain, but
> usually froze at some point trying to open a file
> stream.  

  If it doesn't have cygwin dll, how can it possibly be trying to open a file?
It can't even start up.

>  Says to me, cygwin1.dll just needs the keys to exist.

  But the crash only happens on systems that _don't_ have cygwin1.dll, according
to what you said to start with, so I don't think that cygwin1.dll can be blamed
for the crash, since it doesn't exist and isn't involved.

  Says to me, you're trying to cheat the compiler/OS/dynamic loader with some
sneaky and supposedly clever trick that doesn't actually work.  Alas you left
out this vital detail in your bug report.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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