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Re: My details

Crowley Barrett & Karaba wrote:


An e-mail you have just sent to is being held until you complete a simple one-time-only registration.

To verify you are a real person, just click on the link below:

That's it! You're done! Your original message will be on its way.

This one-time registration allows you to freely send messages to any address at Crowley Barrett & Karaba Ltd..

You will not have to register again for other Crowley Barrett & Karaba Ltd. addresses.
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OK, I was curious so I clicked. Yea! I'm a "real person (tm)". The interesting thing is that it said that it sent my message along leaving me scratching my head wondering what message that might be because I did not send this guy any message. What does this all mean? Does SpamLion work or is this a flaw?
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