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Re: uw-imap & Cygwin secrets revealed, at least a bit!

Christian Weinberger wrote:
The initial problem was:
- uw-imap on cygwin ran well with Outlook Express
- but hung upon connection when using Outlook 2003

In the end I made it to get it work with the following workaround:
In inetd.conf, I donÂt start the daemon directly, but use the following wrapper script.

tee NUL | /usr/sbin/imapd

That's an interesting workaround. My problem sounds slightly different, but may be related:

I'm using Outlook XP (2002), and the uw-imapd processes *occasionally* hang at very unpredictable times. When they hang, they consume 100% CPU, until terminated.

My current workaround is a script running in the background, kicking in every 15 minutes, killing off uw-imapd processes that have been consuming more than 10 minutes of CPU time. This is sort of OK, as I don't use this server for interactive work. I've never noticed any corruption in the IMAP store.

Before I had this script, however, the problem was exasperating... I had to ssh to my server about twice a day to manually kill off 5-10 uw-imapd processes that had gone haywire during the day. You can imagine that just logging in remotely was a pain in these cases, with a 1000% load on the CPU... :-(

For the record, I've been updating my cygwin installation regularly in the last 2 years, and the problem has been constant ever since I started using uw-imapd about a year ago. Also, I always access the IMAP port through a ssh tunnel - not sure if that's an important factor.

I'll try your suggestion as well.


This slows down communication a bit, but I can connect and had no more hangs up till now. So the original problem seems to be timing specific.

My guesses are:
- the cygwin port of uw-imap may have a problem here. I couldnÂt find any similar error reports for any other platform uw-imap is running on.
- cygwin causes the problem itself
- inetd is out of the line since I also tested with xinetd and had similar effects

IÂd be glad to assist one of the "gurus" going deeper into this.

Even more, IÂd like to invest more time again to debug it myself, but my gdb knowledge is non-existing. If someone would show me how to start, the I definitely would do so. My concern is that usual debugging approaches will fail because of the timing related cause of the problem.

Thanks to all of you so far!

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