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Re: Sorry about the rants

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 08:21:58AM -0800, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>Bobby McNulty wrote:
>>I'll try and keep myself under control from now on.  Ticks me off that
>>spam gets through the filter, and someone responds to it.  How the
>>Cygwin mailing list got that original message is strange to me.  I
>>think I know.  He'll never come back.  My youngest brother is
>>officially kicked off the internet.  He's been hacking and cracking
>>with my account since 1997.  Bobby
>This guy is sick.  Jus t listen to the silly rant he sent to my inbox.
>I hope he gets better professional help and that he'll go away.

And you think that sending his personal email to the list is the way to
effect change?  Not only is it bad netiquette, it doesn't portray you in
a particularly positive light.

Bobby has been around these parts for quite some time and I don't expect
or want him to go away.

Can we now stop this off-topic clash of the titans and get back to cygwin,


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