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FOLLOWUP: 1.5.12: problems without registry keys

   I apologise ahead of time, I could not for the life
of me figure out how to send a reply to a thread.  The
original thread is 101373: "1.5.12: problems without
registry keys"
  In my original post, I noted not all apps crashed
without the registry key.  So, I tried to narrow it
down.  It looks like apps. that use semaphores lock up
every time.

I attached an example of an app that will lock up
without the registry keys present.

To compile:
  gcc Semaphore.cpp -o Semaphore.exe

(PS. The example is just a semaphore coalition test--
and it's terrible code)

Andrew Que
email: cygwin at drque dot net

>    I have a custom app. (linux or windows) I've been
> compiling with cygwin for about 6 months.  It use to
> run fine on any computer as long as there was a copy
> of "cygwin1.dll" along with the exe.
>    Now (ver 1.5.12) the app just hangs on any
> that doesn't have cygwin installed.  After a lot of
> hair pulling, I think I've discovered the issue.  In
> the registry, there are a set of keys for the
> mount points.  For some applications (such as mine),
> fount you will need these registry keys or the app
> will simply hang.
>    My application is a bit complicated to explain,
> usually froze at some point trying to open a file
> stream.  But some other apps I compiled didn't have
> this issue.  The app uses pthreads and semaphores
> functioning app did not).  I could answerer any
> questions or possibility write some code to
> this problem if it would help.
>    Even if they registry keys don't point to
> valid, the application still runs.  Says to me,
> cygwin1.dll just needs the keys to exist.
>    I have a working solution, but I thought I'd post
> this in case someone else is banging their head on a
> desk somewhere.
> Andrew Que
> email: cygwin at drque dot net
> (

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