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Re: building perl modules in cygwin

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 08:34:09AM -0800, a c wrote:
> Hello Yitzchak,
> I got your email from the cygwin listserve. I am having problem
> installing perl modules in Cygwin. It gives me the following error
> when I install through CPAN:

It's a good idea to keep discussion on the cygwin list; that way you
have the benefit of help from everyone there and people searching the
archives for help will see it.
> cpan> install Win32

Win32 is rather a special case.  There are parts of Win32:: that are
actually compiled into the win32 perl (but *not* cygwin) builds.
And, as of late, the whole Win32 module is included with win32 perls
(though not the other modules in the libwin32 distribution).

Unfortunately, the libwin32 code needed some changes to work with
cygwin; a separate release installable through cygwin setup was
created, but that was build to work with 5.8.2, and the cygwin perl
has since been updated to 5.8.5 (and soon 5.8.6).  I've seen talk
about remedying this, but don't know where it's at at the moment.

Ideally the changes needed for cygwin would be integrated back into
the version of libwin32 on CPAN, but no one has been maintaining that
for a while.  Jan Dubois of ActiveState recently announced that they
would be looking at patches that have been submitted and trying to get
a new CPAN release ready in the first part of next year.
So, if the patches needed for cygwin get submitted (I think via, they may get included, and the rest of the CPAN
distribution will work.

For the Win32 module itself, some work needs to be done within perl
itself to get it built for cygwin.

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