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Re: Weird interaction between Visual C++ and Cygwin

At 10:09 PM 12/9/2004, you wrote:
>If any Cygwin program is running, e.g. a compilation, Visual C++ takes an
>incredibly long time to start up.  This has been the case for me for years.
>Does anyone know if there is some sort of locking contention here?

Are you talking about MSDEV 6 or 7 (.NET)?  Does "any" Cygwin program 
include bash and/or any services?  I run Cygwin bash and service all the
time.  The only time I find MSDEV takes any time to start up is with 
version 6 and a large number of projects and source files.  This has 
to do with MSDEVs processing of the "convenience" project-related files 
it leaves around (.ncb, etc).  It has nothing to do with Cygwin.  
Stopping MSDEV, removing these files, and reopening MSDEV with 
the same workspace makes a world of difference.  At the last client 
where I saw with problem, this could make opening MSDEV on their 
workspace go from 20 minutes to 20 seconds.  Everyone there had this
problem, with or without Cygwin.

Perhaps you're having another problem though...

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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