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Re: perl 5.8.6

Reini Urban wrote:

Jason Pearce schrieb:

Reini Urban wrote:

Maybe I'll come to the pending Win32::API problem with the callbacks on gcc also. A simple hack30-like solution should always be possible. Or a fallback to C::Dynalib.
Win32::OLE didn't compile OOTB, but this is easy. Just forgot where I put the patch.
And your /usr/include/iodbcunix.h was wrong. Had to patch it to compile Win32::ODBC. Will send it later.

It would be be fantastic if you can. I am making a lot of use of this module at the moment to call third party dlls.

Which of these three?
Win32::API callbacks will need some time.
Use the two other, better perl FFI's instead (FFI, C::Dynalib)

I am using WIN32::API, the patched version you gave me a few weeks back.
Callbacks don't work at the moment, but for what I am doing this is not such a limitation. I suspect many users can get a long way without callbacks.
Maybe you could just port it without the callbacks and answer most of the need (well my perception of it), without as much pain.

For Win32::OLE there was a patch somewhere which I didn't apply nor tested yet.

Win32::ODBC and the rest of the libwin32 suite works ok.
Win32::GUI also.

I have not used any of these guys. If I can acheive the same thing than I would be happy to swap to using these modules.
Performance is not such an issue, and if I really need I could write a dedicated XS module for my dll I guess. I have been doing some background reading and it does not look as if it is too difficult.

Maybe a seperate perl-tk package will be appreciated also, now that I heard that it works after applying some known patches.

I am using the perl-tk bindings to the windows TK set. I got it from sourceforge.

I used the binary as I recall and it worked, but the source is there.

Should I publish the 5.8.5 package or wait for 5.8.6?
I'm quite busy with postgresql and phpwiki now.

I am living at 5.8.2 at the moment, I can easily wait for 5.8.6.

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