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cygwin-gcc-fopen bug?

I have a good-sized vanilla-C code that was running just fine a month
or two ago under XPPro/Cygwin and under SPARC/Solaris9, and STILL runs
just fine under SPARC/Solaris9.

I've been using the snapshot cygwin1-20041117.dll for my /bin/cygwin1.dll
since it was prepared to fix a bug in the now-current cygwin1.dll:
See .

All my other Cygwin files are the most current.  I use gcc OR g++ to
run my code, with OR without -mno-cygwin, and they were running fine a
month or two ago.

My C code under Cygwin (not under Solaris9) now bombs after 4 calls to
    if ((ptr_positions = fopen (dataFile, "r")) == NULL) {
Under DDD I can see that dataFile has gotten mangled and a NULL is now
in the middle of its name.

I tried this again, using the DOS cmd to replace cygwin1.dll with the
most current (not the snapshot cygwin1-20041117.dll), and now the code
bombs at the very first use of fopen, a DIFFERENT place than above:
  if ((Portfolio->ptr_err = fopen (infoFile, "a")) == NULL) {

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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