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Re: HELP: Cygwin ruined my WinXP files/HDD"!!!!

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, KevinGPO wrote:

> I got a problem in WindowsXP. I installed some sourcecode to compile using
> Cygwin. Now I cannot seem to be able to remove/delete folders/files using the
> "rm -Rf" force command in Cygwin. Here is a detailed listing of the
> folder/files:
> [snip]
> CompiledLibraries/SDL-1.2.7/src:
> total 0
> dr-xr-xr-x+ 2 Kevin ???????? 0 Jun 5 2004 .deps
> dr-xr-xr-x+ 2 Kevin ???????? 0 Jun 5 2004 .libs
> Here's a sample output from the command "rm -Rf CompiledLibraries/"
> [snip]
> rm: cannot unlink `CompiledLibraries/SDL-1.2.7/src/video/XFree86/Xxf86dga/.deps/XF86DGA.Plo': Permission denied
> rm: cannot unlink `CompiledLibraries/SDL-1.2.7/src/video/XFree86/Xxf86dga/.deps/XF86DGA2.Plo': Permission denied
> rm: cannot remove directory `CompiledLibraries/SDL-1.2.7/src/video/XFree86/Xxf86dga/.deps': Directory not empty
> [snip]
> But the errors says something about cannot unlink file? Something to do
> with why the type is ????????? and why there's a + symbol beside every
> single file in the attributes (eg. drwxrwxrwx+ filename...)
> There's no root mode in Cygwin, and the files were created under
> Cygwin/WindowsXP.
> [snip]
> HELP!!

First of all, calm down.  Relax.  Sacrifice a chicken.

The '????????' group name on the files is a red herring -- see

This probably has to do with your directories not having the write
permission -- in POSIX systems, you need to have permission to write to a
directory to be able to delete files in it.  Try

find . -type d | xargs chmod +w

and then your 'rm -rf' command again.
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