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Re: sshd in Windows 2003 server

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Larry Hall wrote:
> >
> > The shortcut for all of that process is to run the below:
> >
> > mount -f -s -b "<DOS path to Cygwin installation directory>/bin" "/usr/bin"
> > mount -f -s -b "<DOS path to Cygwin installation directory>/lib" "/usr/lib"
> > mount -f -s -b "<DOS path to Cygwin installation directory>" "/"
> >
> > FWIW, following the reporting guidelines at <>
> > would have given the list this information in your initial post.  In other
> > words, there's good stuff at this page. :-)
> hmm... what if there was a simple shell script added to base-files, such
> as "mksysmounts" (and corresponding "mkusermounts" too I suppose) that
> would change any system mounts to user mounts, and vice versa.  (Or
> perhaps a single script with several options.)  Then the response to "I
> installed 'For me only'" would be "just run mksysmounts" instead of
> "reinstall" or "modify these paths as appropriate and run these
> commands".

Good idea.  I'd call the scripts "remount_as_system" and "remount_as_user"
or something...  And I would also use the

eval "`mount -m | sed ...`"

trick that I posted earlier, instead of hard-coding the paths into the
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