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Re: tcl/tk X version

Hi Huidae,

I'm actually working on a different solution...

I'm trying to do a bit like rxvt such that if the DISPLAY environment
variable is unset or is ":0" then the Win32 version of Tk is loaded;
otherwise the X version is loaded.

My goal, as far as Tk is concerned, is to make the build process of any
application totally transparent to this masquerade. Such that your own
application would build like it would on Linux for example and can still
run using native Win32 GDI.

Also, I'm patching the Tcl source so that it behaves more like a UNIX
version instead of Win32 (handling of paths and permissions...) with
extra Cygwin-specific options for the 'file' command to be able to call
Cygwin's path conversion functions (like 'cygpath' does).

I've looked at your patches and they coincide with some of the changes
I've made in my tree... Nevertheless, I do appreciate you sharing the


On Sat, Dec 11, 2004 at 03:21:54PM -0600, cygwin u wrote:
> Hi Cygwin list,
> Where is a X window version of tcl/tk? I compiled an X application
> with tcl/tk libraries but it doesn't work correctly. So I patched the
> original tcl/tk 8.4.7 sources and it worked! You can find the patches
> at and
> . But I think it would
> be great if xtcltk is also distributed.
> Thank you.
> Huidae Cho
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