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Re: Cygwin setup on dialup (newbie)

On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 06:59:57AM +0000, Steve T wrote:
> Just a question regarding the behaviour of setup.exe.
> I selected the download to local directory option. I'm trying to
> download all binary packages. I'm on dialup, so of course the
> connection drops out sometimes (i think the session limit is 24
> hours). Of course, setup needs a lot more time than that. My
> question is this: Will setup.exe automatically skip over anything
> that has already been downloaded (but not installed)?
> I'm wondering because I was up to 40%. Setup.exe seems to hang on
> disconnection. Upon reconnection, it doesn't seem to be trying to do
> anything, so I just close setup and start again. When I start again,
> the progress is shown as 0%. I'm not sure whether this is 0% of
> everything I want to install or 0% of the files that haven't been
> downloaded yet.
> Does changing mirrors affect anything?

Using a different mirror *will* make it start over from the beginning.
Otherwise, it shouldn't need to; the 0% is of everything it is
planning on downloading.

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