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Re: curses.h / termcap.h: conflicting types of tparm

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

curses.h / termcap.h: conflicting types of tparm

This error happens when compiling the MySQL client v4.1.7 term.c
because both headers are included.

There are two locations to report this, the cygwin main list and
the mysql list, because it may be unusual to include both and so
the error is in MySQL in doing so, or if it turns out to be a
problem with termcap or ncurses the cygwin maintainer of these
packages needs to decide where the problem is and try to push
it upstreams or find a cygwin specific solution.

(a) it IS unusual to #include both

(b) both cygwin (the package, containing the dll) and ncurses (by default) provide a termcap.h file. I assume that curses.h -- which on cygwin is from ncurses -- and ncurses' termcap.h would both agree. However, cygwin's termcap.h and ncurses' termcap.h are different. Besides, any rational package management system allows each file to ONLY be provided by one package -- or the packages must be marked as conflicting.

We can't very well have cygwin's 'ncurses' package conflict with cygwin's 'cygwin' package.

So, when I put together the ncurses packages, I rename ncurses' termcap.h to avoid conflicts. Because (see (a), above) it is unusual to #include both. FWIW, "termcapn.h" lives in /usr/include/ncurses/, and unlike some of the other headers in that subdir, the postinstall script does NOT create a symlink to it from /usr/include/.

I suppose one solution would be for me to stop renaming the header file, and then you could add -I/usr/include/ncurses/ to your CFLAGS. That way, you'd get the ncurses-derived termcap.h which would, presumably, not conflict with the ncurses-derived curses.h...


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