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Re: Cygwin setup on dialup (newbie)

At 06:39 AM 12/12/2004, you wrote:
>On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 06:59:57AM +0000, Steve T wrote:
>> Just a question regarding the behaviour of setup.exe.
>> I selected the download to local directory option. I'm trying to
>> download all binary packages. I'm on dialup, so of course the
>> connection drops out sometimes (i think the session limit is 24
>> hours). Of course, setup needs a lot more time than that. My
>> question is this: Will setup.exe automatically skip over anything
>> that has already been downloaded (but not installed)?
>> I'm wondering because I was up to 40%. Setup.exe seems to hang on
>> disconnection. Upon reconnection, it doesn't seem to be trying to do
>> anything, so I just close setup and start again. When I start again,
>> the progress is shown as 0%. I'm not sure whether this is 0% of
>> everything I want to install or 0% of the files that haven't been
>> downloaded yet.
>> Does changing mirrors affect anything?
>Using a different mirror *will* make it start over from the beginning.
>Otherwise, it shouldn't need to; the 0% is of everything it is
>planning on downloading.

Also, if you're just trying to download, you're probably better off using
'wget' or 'curl' to mirror some site of your choosing.  'setup.exe' isn't 
a real mirror tool but these others are.  In addition, if you plan to 
install on the machine you're downloading to, you may as well choose the 
"Install from Internet" option.  This first does the download and then 
installs, all in one step.  Given the current issue with setup that makes
it hang at some point when installing all packages, if you're planning to 
do this, you could install just the basics first (or no more than everything
minus all X packages), then rerun 'setup.exe' and install the rest.  
Actually, this might be the best thing for you to do with your slow dial-up line anyway.  

Larry Hall                    
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