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Re: Visual Studio linking

At 05:39 PM 12/12/2004, you wrote:
>    I am also trying to use functions implemented in cygwin1.dll with
>Visual Studio as discussed below.  After started a blank console application
>and following steps below, I get to linking which gives me the following
>LIBCMTD.lib(crt0.obj) : error LNK2005: _mainCRTStartup already defined in
>Any suggestions?

Sure.  Duck and run!  

You're clearly getting both the Cygwin and MS C run times linked in, which
suggests you're using functionality from both.  This can be dangerous in
the extreme if you don't know what you're doing.  In your particular case, 
you end up trying to link against CRT initialization routines from both
libraries, which is clearly a recipe for disaster if it's not handled 
correctly.  Doing this type of thing as the series of steps provided is no
better than a work-around.  It may work.  It may not.  If Alastair is willing 
to help you out with your case, that's great.  But you should be warned 
that his approach isn't supported.  Use it at your own risk.  We're still
looking for someone who's interested enough in this subject to re-enable 
automatic support for this in the Cygwin DLL itself.  But it's been years
since it worked and the level of interest by anyone on this list has never 
produced results unfortunately...

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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