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Installation Freezing 90%


It has now been, for some time, a problem that I have when installing
cygwin. As the installation does its thing the memory usage rises, fair
enough. But every time it reaches 90% it freezes. Here are the basics of
what is shown on the screen.




And again this is when it reaches 90%. I even once tried closing as much
down as I could on the computer i.e. little running processes and then
trying installation. The same happened. I let installation take its path to
see what would happen but then stopped it when it reached using about
369,340K Memory Usage. If needs be I could host a screen dump I took of the
installation at this 90% stage host it and send you a link for you to view
(It shows the installation, giving details of the above e.g. the file its
installing and where to and also shows the percentage bars etc. It also
shows Windows Task Manager giving details about the process. I have
thoroughly searched the FAQ's section and am pretty sure that this has not
been answered and I hope that you can help me with my problem.


Shane Bryan

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