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Re: 1.5.12-1: ld (make) Error while compiling

If u r not aware of any solution kindly confess that u
r not presently aware of the solution of problem.
Instead of discouraging anybody from posting give a
positive feedback plz.. See i m not a Spammer or
Hacker or anybody else with negative purpose but a
regular user of cygwin but when i came to the problem
which i can not solved myself then only i registered
to the cygwin.. Keep in mind that actually i cant
waste time as our product is hanged due to that
error.. Thanx for reply ...

 --- Christopher Faylor
<> wrote: 
> On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 04:32:34AM +0000, prasanna
> hegde wrote:
> >I have seen the same problem(posted earliar by
> somebody) which is
> >occurring with me also.  The problem is that , the
> cygwin installed in
> >my pc that having OS WIN98(se).  Previously i was
> using the cygwin1.dll
> >version 1.5.11-1 , at that time i made my project
> compiled successfully
> >in cygwin.  But when i upgrade my cygwin version
> and made it to
> >1.5.12-1.  After upgrading that cygwin ,i have
> compiled the same source
> >with newer cygwin1.dll i got errors like
> this........
> Posting the same problem repeatedly is no way to get
> a question answered.
> Please stop doing this.
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