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unison and cygwin on windows xp SP2

Hi folks,

I have the problem that the native windows version of unison (2.9.1)
on Windows XP SP2 together with cygwin (starting from DLL version
1.5.11) unison hangs after me entering the ssh password.

This didn't happen with version 1.5.10 of the cygwin dll but this
version cannot be installed with the cygwin installer, so I have to
deal with the new version.

I think that this unison problem is somehow related to the "pipe code
problem" which was discussed on this mailing list in the first half of
October, but I didn't see any results/solutions on this problem, too.
The last message I found on this topic in the archive said something
like 'we are looking for a solution...'.

Now I was wondering if there was any progress in the meantime or if
there are plans to develop a fix in the near future. Otherwise I would
have to find a solution for unison without the cygwin ssh client.

Thanks in advance,



Dirk Leinenbach
Computer Science Department
Saarland University
Buildung 45, Room 318

Tel. +49 - 681 / 302 - 5557
Fax. +49 - 681 / 302 - 4290

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